Making the WD-40 & Hammer Machine! - This gets everything loose!

We probably all know the “Engineering flowchart” with WD-40 on one side and Ducktape on the other side. WD-40 to get stuff loose and ducktape to get loose parts fixed. One day I was looking at it and that inspired me to do this project. I immediately put it on my list and then…… Nothing.

Until WD-40 reached out to me a couple of weeks ago and we decided to make some videos together. I love the products they make and have been using WD-40 for a long time so that was an easy decision. This was the time! The moment for the ultimate engineering tool!

I present: The WD-40 and hammer machine! Designed to get everything loose.

Using Leonardo Davinchi’s design for the hammer I basically created a small power hammer. The machine has a powered axle in the back that has a cam on it. This cam moves the hammer up and drops it on every rotation.

On this same axle there are a couple of small cam shapes that press the limit switches I used to activate the sprayers. Sprayers? Yes!

Just a hammer doesn’t do the trick here. I wanted a WD-40 and hammer machine so I added two bottles of WD-40, one on either side of the hammer. To spray with these bottles I made a custom solenoid powered sprayer activator that clicks on top of the can to spray automatically between each hit of the hammer.

Do you need this in your shop? Check the video