Making a camera dolly

Who doesn’t love rolling and moving camera shots? Well, I certainly do love them! Thats why I’m making a camera dolly in todays video. Using 3d printing and some wood it is a quick and simple project but it works like a charm and gives those cool flowing shots.

As mentioned above, I used both 3d printing and wood on this build. I 3d printed the wheel axle bases so I could incorporate a couple of functions in one part. The wheel bases hold the wheel axis and can be clamped in place by just turning the lever. 

Since the base of the dolly is quite straight forward I made it out of wood, which is a lot quicker to make and at least as strong as when it would have been printed.

If you are looking to make one you can download the models using the following link: Thingiverse

Tools used

  • Drill (press)
  • Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer
  • Screwdriver
  • Bandsaw
  • Disk sander

Tools I reccommend

Parts needed

Parts to print

  • 2x camera axle ( Link )
  • 1x camera base (this can also be made out of wood like I did)

Other parts

  • 4x Skate wheels including bearings with 8mm hole.
  • 4 x Aluminum tubing 8x1mm Length around 31 mm depending on the thickness of your wheels.
  • 4x M6 screw or bolt 40 mm
  • 2x M6 screw or bolt 20 mm
  • 4x M6 (lock) nut
  • 6x M6 washer
  • 2x eccentric handles ( Link )
  • 1x Small ball head camera mount including screw