Vintage tool drawer handles

A while ago I found these cool old wrenches and bought them to use in some project. I had no plans for it but thought they would look cool somewhere. Well, today is the day; I’m making some industrial style drawer handles with them. 

This build doesn’t have a lot of different parts, but working with my old lathe often makes for exiting stuff. (Not the good kind of exiting.. ) the machine has a lot of play on the guides that cannot be dialed out with some screws. This makes it scary to use from time to time.. The project also gave me a nice opportunity to do a little bit of welding. Welding is one of those skills that has to be practiced and I enjoy it because (almost) every time is a bit better than the last.

I’m happy with how the handles turned out and I’m certain they will find a nice place sometime somewhere on a tool cabinet or so.

Tools used

  • Two old wrenches ;)
  • Stick welder
  • Angle grinder
    • Cutoff disk
    • Flap disk
  • Drill (press)
  • M6 thread taps