Metal and wood scissor lift coffee table

In this weeks video I took a design used in industrial products and converted it to a piece of furniture. 

The mechanism of scissor lift tables fascinates me because it’s both simple and sophisticated at the same time. Converting this to a piece that fits my other metal and wood furniture turned out to be a nice project.

The build of this scissor lift table allowed me to use various processes and combine them. I turned some steel axles on the lathe that I later welded to the metal frames. This was the first time that I turned something and then welded it. 

This was not the only ‘first’ in this build for me. Turning the wooden wheels on the lathe was something I had never done before and also the glue-up of the tabletop was something I had only seen others do.


The glue up was a bit challenging for me, not only because I had never done it before but also because my toolkit and space are not setup for things like this. I have only two clamps that can reach the width of the tabletop, but they are so long that when I was doing the glue-up they blocked half of my workshop. In the end it worked out really well and I’m very pleased with the result.


Tools used

  • Stick welder

  • Metal lathe

  • Drill-press

  • Random orbit sander

  • Angle grinder

  • Bandsaw