The automatic opening umbrella backpack

The automatic opening umbrella backpack! Do you ever find yourself walking outside when all of a sudden it starts raining and you can’t find your umbrella? With this auto opening umbrella backpack you’ll have an umbrella above your head in seconds.

The idea of this project came from one of my earliest fans. He suggested that I should make an umbrella that’s activated by a sensor on an Arduino to measure if there is any rain and then deploy. I though this is a great idea but since I like the mechanical aspects more I decided to give it a bit of a twist and make it fully mechanical. So I hereby present: The umbrella backpack.

The mechanics of the mechanism are all hidden inside the backpack itself and on the outside there is only the umbrella and the arm to see. When you pull the red tab on the straps the pin is pulled out of the quick release and the umbrella swings up and opens automatically.

The funny thing is that it rained for a couple of weeks right until I finished making the umbrella. So the video of me using it outside has to wait a week since there is rain coming!