1000 RPM salad spinner

We all know conventional salad spinners, when I grew up my parents had a salad spinner and I enjoyed using it a lot. Now that I'm a bit older its less fun so I figured it is a nice moment to change that. As I do with most of the projects on my channel it was time to overengineer it and make it go a little bit over the top (and beyond).

How does one improve a salad spinner? I think speed and automatic spinning is the way to go. Having this in mind I went to work. Using an old bench grinder I'm making this salad spinner that spins at a whopping 1000 RPM. 

The only part that I needed from the original salad spinner was the basket to put the lettuce in, this would be nice to reuse in the improved version. The basket is made of some thin, a bit flexible, plastic. This didn't really make it suitable to spin at 1000 rpm on it's own so I decided to make a spinning platform with a support ring where the basket could be placed in.

When the device hits it full rpm it even starts to bounce around the kitchen.. Go check out the video and let me know what you think!