How to make a Simple and Strong Shop Cart

My workshop is already pretty efficient, but one thing that was bothering me for a while now was the monstrosity that was my old bandsaw cart. I build this thing when I got my shop because I needed a place to put my bandsaw and dust collector quick. I didn’t plan any design on this and just made it on the fly. In short: it was large and inefficient so it had to go.

The vision I have for my workshop is Simplicity and Efficiency. I want solutions and efficient use of space without making crazy complex or expensive shop furniture. That’s why I made this Strong and Simple universal shop cart for my vacuum and bandsaw from just one sheet of plywood.

The cart is build up from all rectangular cuts of plywood and screwed together without any fancy joinery. (Not even pocketholes!) This makes it easy to build and still super strong.

The version how I made it was designed for my bandsaw and vacuum, but the design can easily be tweaked to hold other tools, more drawers, closing doors etc.

Check out the build plans if you’d like to make a cart like this for yourself.

Universal shop cart plans
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