How to make a compact sandpaper organiser

Inspired by Adam Savage (Tested and Mythbusters host) I’m always looking for ways to make my workshop more efficient.

This sandpaper and tape storage rack is a great example of that. Before I had this I stored the sandpaper and rolls in small IKEA containers, which are a great storage option for parts btw. But it was always a bit of a hassle to get a roll of sandpaper out, take a piece and put it all back.

The rack is constructed to be very compact and to hold all the sandpapers I use for hand sanding. There is room for four rolls, a stack of sanding sheets and also a random stuff compartment and a small space for small pieces of sandpaper.

Check out the build video if you want to up your sandpaper game.

Tools used

  • Track saw

  • Router (in router table)

  • Drill