Beer pouring machine

This project perfectly sums up all the reasons why I love making! Experimenting, learning new stuff and having a good time!

This weeks project is a collaboration project between my dad and me. We set a challenge to take a simple task and (semi) automate. The task of pouring a beer is a good task for a project like this. A lot of people are familiar with it and it has the right amount of complexity to make it into a project.

The process of pouring a beer goes in the following stages:

  • Opening the beer

  • Bringing the glass and the beer together

  • Holding the glass in the right angle

  • Pouring the beer from the bottle in the glass, while slowly adjusting the angle of the glass

All credits for the first two prototypes go to my dad. As soon as we discussed that we were going to do this project he stared experimenting with various methods and came to prototype number 1. Where the beer and the glass are both mounted on an arm and by moving those arms together the beer gets poured in the glass.

The second prototype he build was a more elaborate version of the first one, it has an automatic beer opener and uses a chain to drive it.

Since version 1 and 2 were made as prototypes, rough and just to proof the concept. We made a third version based on the second prototype. We automated the return mechanism of the beer arm and we made everything look a lot nicer.

Finding the right glass was somewhat of a struggle, most glasses are not made to fit an entire bottle of beer or are way to large for these bottles. Finally we found these glasses. They spill a little bit of beer but you are left with a perfect beer once it’s poured.

My dad works as a traveling life coach to help you to find your purpose in life. If you think you are not living your life to your fullest potential have a look on his website:

Tools used

  • Miter saw

  • Table saw

  • Drill (press)

  • Brad nailer