Hands-free OREO dispenser

In this video I show how to make a hands-free OREO dispensing machine. The idea started as a joke where I thought it would be funny if you could eat Oreos while working with dirty hands. 

I started sketching and tried a couple of different ways and figured that it would be the nicest result if you could use your chin to dispense the Oreos. The shape of the oreo, actually most round cookies, makes it quite easy to stack them and push one out at a time.

The most tricky part of this build was the chin lever. I designed the dispenser in fusion 360 on the computer, but it was hard to figure out how much the chin actually moves down comfortably and where the cookie should be then. I made 2 iterations of this part during the build and turned out working perfect.

I also had to try some things to get the oreo slide working perfectly. In my first version when there were more than two cookies in the pipe the cookie wouldn’t come out due to the pressure on top.

In the end everything works nice and even very reliable.

*No Oreos were wasted during the making of this video

Build plans

Oreo dispenser plans
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Tools used

  • Fusion 360

  • Bandsaw

  • Drill (press)

  • Disk sander

  • Drum sander

  • Air tacker