Hexagon LED lamp

In this weeks video I make a hexagon shaped LED lamp that can be switched on by pushing down on the top of it. The switch is often something that bothers me next to a nice designed lamp so I decided to make this lamp with a hidden switch.

After designing the lamp in my cad software I printed a couple of scale 1 to 1 drawings that I could use as a template to cut out all the parts on my bandsaw. Starting with all the wooden parts and finishing with the polycarbonate parts. I tried to tape all the polycarbonate parts together and cut them at once and however this worked it would probably have been a lot quicker if I had done them one by one. Not to mention that I initially miscounted and still had to come back and cut another three.

I glued all the layers on top of each other with clear Bison Kit to avoid any ugly coloured glue in between the wood and the polycarbonate.

The bottom of the lamp has all the technical parts to it, I stuck the LED strip around a piece of PVC tubing and glued that into the base. The button on the top of it combined with the springs in the rods make it possible to switch the lamp on and off by pressing the top.

Pretty neat!

Tools used

  • Bandsaw

  • Scrollsaw

  • Drill(press)

  • Disksander

  • Lathe