Drill powered automatic hacksaw

In this weeks video I make a drill powered hacksaw. Power hacksaws have been used for a long time and are getting more scarce with the availability of the metal cutting bandsaw. Nevertheless I thought I’d be a cool project to make a power hacksaw but drill powered. 

I made the hacksaw base mainly out of plywood including the arm that drives the actual saw. For the axle it seemed the most logical to make it on the lathe to me. If you want to make a saw like this but don’t own a lathe: there are a lot of other options to make an axle. For example with a threaded rod with some tubing around it. 

The arm that holds the saw is just a plain steel arm with a 3D printed part that acts as the sliding bearing to hold and guide the saw.

Making the device drill powered and the clamp removable is nice for my shop because it doesn’t add a lot of stuff that I have to buy and find a new place for.

Let’s check out the video!

Tools used

  • Bandsaw

  • Drill(press)

  • Disksander

  • Lathe

  • Angle grinder