Modern industrial wall lamp

We needed some more light in our living room and wanted a lamp that would match our metal and wood furniture. Thats where this project comes in.

I made this modern lamp by first welding the frame from some metal angle profile (20x20mm), just regular steel. When the frame was all done I cut the polycarbonate panels to size with my track saw. And glued them in place using hot glue. This is not the strongest glue to use here but it seems strong enough. At this stage I also mounted the LED strips using the adhesive backing. Stick these strips on the metal if you can, that way they can transfer their heat to the metal which makes them last longer.

When you are cutting polycarbonate with a circular saw you can turn down the rotational speed of the blade a bit to avoid melting it.

The angle iron is one of the easier things to weld so this is a nice project when you want to get into welding.

Tools I used

  • Evolution multi material miter saw

  • Track saw

  • Bandsaw

  • Random orbit sander

  • Stick welder

  • Angle grinder

Tools I recommend