Automatic egg peeling machine

A while ago I saw a video of the Eggstractor. The combination of silly, unpractical and possible fun would make for a nice project I figured. Since eggs don’t really need an automatic peeler in home use I decided not to try to improve its function but improve the experience.. Automate it! 

So there I was, ordering the Eggstractor, this must be one of the sillier purchases in my life.. When I got it I started looking for ways that I could automate it. Being a fan of pneumatic machines I decided that’s the way to go here.

Some tries went better than others..

Some tries went better than others..

There are three steps that need to be done when using the eggstractor:

  • Crack the bottom of the egg

  • Poke a hole in the top of the egg

  • Place the egg on the ring and blow it out with the white accordion piece

I combined the first two steps by using two small cillinders that smack the top and bottom at the same time when you place the egg in between.

To smash the accordion piece down on the egg I used two larger cilinders that are activated by a hand lever.

Enough talking: Check out the video!

Tools used

  • Drill (press)

  • Vintage lathe

  • Bandsaw

  • Air compressor

Egg peeler with eggs