Making an extendable camera arm

My workshop is 2x3 meters big and I’ve put quite a bit of stuff in there. That leaves for about 1 meter in between the workbenches that I have to share with my tripod. While this situation was doable for a long time it was time for a change. I have actually been thinking about doing this project since I knew I was going to use this workshop but never decided to do it. Until now. 

I finally decided to go for it and I made this extendable camera arm that mounts to the ceiling of my workshop. On one slide the camera arm covers roughly half my workshop so I will add a second slide for the camera arm to get full coverage and I can get rid of my tripod in the workshop. 

The arm is made of 30x15 mm aluminium tubing and some 30 mm flat strip. I used an eccentric clamp on every joint to make it easy to loosen and tighten the arm to move it to the position I want. Since I couldn’t make the arm in a way that covers the entire workshop in one go I made it possible to remove the arm from the guide rail at the top and place it on a second guide rail on the other side of the workshop.