Wrinkle free shirt blower / dryer

A colleague of mine suggested that I should invent something that could dry your shirts without wrinkles so you don’t need to iron them to look sharp. I had to introduce a bit of funfactor to it and this is what I came up with… 

My goal of this build was to make something that would do the trick but with more fun factor than practical usability and I think I succeeded. 

Using a leafblower to propell the air I needed a way to fix the shirt to it and to make it a fun looking machine. I started by making the white box that would hold the leaf blower and the shirt. At first I thought it would be difficult to hold the shirt in place but after some tests I made a ring where the elastic band sits in and this is strong enough to hold the shirt firmly in place.

To complete the look of the machine I gave it a large comic book style switch on the front that turns the machine on or off.