Making a vise grip coat rack

It all started as a joke but since I needed a coat rack for my new workshop I figured why not. So this build is to show some love for the most used tool for stripping bolt heads, replacing steering wheels on tractors and gripping stuff that's not meant for gripping: The VISE GRIPS!

Vise grips by themselves didn't do it so they needed a proper backing plate to mount them on the wall. The large wrench on the back is made of some 6 mm thick flat stock. Just after the whole workshop was black from all the grinding dust the wrench was finished and the time came to mount the vise grips.

Tools used

  • Stick welder
  • Angle grinder, sanding disks and cutoff disks
  • Drill (press)
  • 4 of the cheapest vise grips


  • 450mm flat stock iron 40x6mm
  • 4x 100mm flat stock iron 100x6mm