Material list

Below you’ll find the complete parts & materials list required to build the pinball machine. I didn’t document the total cost of the projects because a lot of parts were parts I already had. It also depends a lot on where you buy the parts.

Some websites I used to get stuff for the pinball machine are: - If you need some electronics components they probably have it here. - A local pinball parts supplier for me. The parts used from pinball machines are all very standard. A pinball machine parts reseller close to you can definitely help you. - Everything can be found here for a very low price. Quality is really hit and miss.

I also made a page on where I have selected a list of harder to find components that I used (or very similar) in the pinball machine build.

(Some of the links in there are affiliate links, this doesn’t cost you anything extra but helps me make content like this)

Components I have selected for you:

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I made this code using some free libraries from Adafruit so you can download the code I made with that here:


  • 18mm plywood

  • 9mm plywood


  • 1x 12V 30A Power supply

  • 2x Arcade buttons / pinball buttons

  • 1x Dome button

  • 2x Large solenoid 50N 35mm stroke

  • 1x Smaller solenoid 20N 10mm stroke

  • 10x Limit switches with long lever

  • 1x Arduino Uno

  • 1x Adafruit seven segment display

  • 1x Power cord

  • Electrical wire

  • Wire terminal blocks

  • 6x 10k Ohm resistor

  • Power-switch


  • 3x12 wood screws

  • 3x20 wood screws

  • 3x30 wood screws

  • 6x M5 nut

  • 2x M6 nut

  • 6X M4x8 screw

  • 2x M5x16 screws

  • 2x M5x40 screws

  • 210mm m6 threaded rod


  • 20x20x1 mm aluminum angle profile. Lengths:

    • 2x 500mm

    • 6x 400mm

    • 1x 250mm

    • 2x 100mm

    • 2x 80mm

    • 2x 20mm

  • 164mm aluminum round tube 8x1mm

  • 13 mm round tube 6 mm (or a 6mm dowel) 

  • 4mm clear polycarbonate panel

    • 1x 640 x 405mm

    • 1x 100 x 395mm

  • Pinball machine rubbers

    • 1x rebound rubber 1-1/4”

    • 2x flipper rubber 1/2 x 1-1/2”

    • 1x launcher tip rubber

    • 3x ring 5/16”

    • 2x rubber ring 1-1/2”

    • 4x rubber ring 2-1/2”

    • 1x rubber ring 3”

  • Springs (from pinball store)

    • Shooter spring inside (medium strong)

    • Shooter spring outside

  • 2x low strength tension springs (for flippers)

  • 4 meter t-moulding 19mm wide